Originally from the very northern tip of the Mitten, E Minor is based in Traverse City Michigan. Elizabeth Landry was born into a musical family, and raised to be influenced by all of the arts. She started singing as soon as she could talk, and also studied ballet from the age of 4 until 25. She grew up singing with her 4 sisters while her father played piano. At 11 years old Elizabeth wrote her very first song, and performed for the first time in front of a crowd while traveling with her family in Ireland. It was the magic of the folk music in Ireland and getting close to her heritage, that made her realize that she too is a folk musician. And from that moment on her dream lived.

At 19 Elizabeth traveled across the country to Oregon where she earned part of her living as a street performer while traveling along the coast of Southern Oregon and Northern California. After coming home to be with her family Elizabeth played music locally and with fellow musicians in the Mackinaw/Cheboygan area.

A few years later Elizabeth went through a very hard writer's block after her mother got sick with Breast Cancer. She did not return to music until her mother passed in 2010. After such heartache she was inspired to live life to the fullest and again her dream was alive.

In 2012 E Minor formed the band The Naughty Neighbors with some friends and local musicians. From the start word got out fast and The Naughty Neighbors were playing everywhere. From Traverse City's own Wine and Art Festival where they opened for Rusted Root, to local pubs and festivals all over the state. The Naughty Neighbors gave Elizabeth a ton of experience and knowledge. In 2012 E Minor and her fellow bandmates decided to move forward with other projects and no longer tour as that formation.

The the band split, Caul Bluhm who played bass in the band and Elizabeth moved on to fine tune their act as a duo. Performing of E Minor's original songs, they toured nationally in many well known theaters, breweries and venues. In 2013 E Minor released her debut album as solo singer/songwriter Dust Out Of Sand. Nominated for 3 Jammie Awards. E Minor continues to tour as a singer/songwriter. Mostly famous for touring as a duet with Caul Bluhm. And now played with her brand new full band. With a new album and tour on the rise!!


Indie-folk's E Minor Relishes Supportive Northern Michigan Music Scene While Eyeing Next Studio Album
by John Sinkevics
April 7, 2015


E Minor's Debut Album Dust Out of Sand is now available!

Buy 'Dust Out of Sand' by E Minor via iTunes Buy 'Dust Out of Sand' by E Minor via iTunes

Buy 'Dust Out of Sand' by E Minor via iTunes

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Keeping the spirit of folk music alive, E Minor relishes in the supportive Michigan music scene.
John Sinkevics -

It can only be a matter of time before Minor starts attracting the attention of major music publications, TV, radio and record labels. "Dust Out Of Sand" is simply too good a record to be ignored, with a surplus of great tracks that should be gracing grown-up, late night radio on both sides of the Atlantic.
Phil S. - Leicester Bangs

E Minor is a minor scale in music based on the note E - and it also happens to be the stage moniker of aspiring local singer/songwriter Elizabeth Minor, who's been causing a buzz around Traverse City with her "smoky folk" melodies. She's obviously got enough happening musically to fund that album and keep her fan base continually growing.
Kristi Kates - The Northern Express

Very seldom do I find a song that is powerful enough to force me to slow down, take a breath and drift into a state of sincere self-reflection. For me, E Minor's Beautiful Dungeon shot a haunting message of conviction strait into my soul.
NM3 Magazine

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